Report: Suns negotiating contract with Zoran Dragic


The Suns love brothers.

They have twins Marcus and Markieff Morris. Miles Plumlee’s brother, Mason, plays for the Nets. In recent years, Phoenix has also had Luke Zeller (brother of Tyler Zeller and Cody Zeller), Robin Lopez (brother of Brook Lopez), Taylor Griffin (brother of Blake Griffin) and Jarron Collins (brother of Jason Collins).

Now, the Suns might be even closer to adding Goran Dragic’s brother – Zoran Dragic, who played well for Slovenia in the World Cup.

Rafael Molina Guerra of La Opinión de Málaga

Maybe Zoran is also negotiating deals with the other teams interested in him – the Pacers and Kings – but I get the impression this makes Phoenix the likely destination.

The Suns have plenty of cap room, just 13 players and the ability to exceed the cap to re-sign Eric Bledsoe. They can easily fit a second Dragic.

Zoran’s buyout, 750,000, Euros translates to 971,074 U.S. dollars – more than the $600,000 NBA teams are allowed to pay for international buyouts without it counting against the cap. So, Dragic will likely have to cover some of the cost himself.

The biggest hurdle, if it hasn’t already been cleared, is determining how much the Suns would pay Zoran. He’ll likely require more than a minimum deal to jump, but if he were an American free agent, he might not command much more than that. Somewhere in the range of $2 million-$3 million per year seems reasonable.