Paul George: NFL should let Ray Rice play


Update: That didn’t take long. Paul George deleted the tweets and apologized:


Paul George built up a lot of goodwill following his horrific injury during a Team USA scrimmage.

I suspect it’s all headed out the window.

This morning, the Pacers forward tweeted on the Ray Rice situation. Of particular interest to George: Rice’s wife, Janay, has defended her husband.

Here are the since-deleted tweets:

There are reasons we don’t give victims of crimes full power to determine whether the perpetrator should be punished. An intimidation factor can certainly play a role, as well as how traumatizing the experience was.

I sympathize with Janay Rice for all the unwanted attention she’s received, for so many outsiders telling her family how it should handle this. This situation can’t be easy for anyone to handle, and I’m sure the spotlight makes it only more difficult.

But the NFL shouldn’t base its punishment of Ray Rice purely on Janay Rice’s wishes, as George indicated the league should.

As far as George’s last tweet, I’m not entirely sure what he means, but I see three interpretations:

1. A woman who is being beaten would be too intimidated to start a round of violence with her partner.

2. When a woman hits a man first, no amount of violence he dishes out in return can be too much.

3. If a woman hits a man first, he shouldn’t beat her in return.

The first two are reprehensible, and I really hope the third is what he meant. Otherwise, George’s thoughts on this go from crude and unenlightened to utterly disgusting.