DeMarcus Cousins almost went after Lithuania’s Jonas Valanciunas (VIDEO)


On the bright side he held back.

Lithuania’s Jonas Valanciunas (who plays for the Raptors) loves physical, chippy play and knows how to get under the skin of guys like, um, the USA’s DeMarcus Cousins, who is not exactly known for backing down.

The World Cup semi-final between the USA and Lithuania was chippy and physical (and close) for the first half, and when Valanciunas got his elbow up Cousins almost snapped. Almost. (It wouldn’t have really happened, Cousins’ teammates would have jumped in quickly.)

This game was a seven point USA lead at the half but the Americans pulled away in the third quarter, are up as I write this by 20 and seem to be on their way to the gold medal game.

(Hat tip to Zach Harper of Eye on Basketball)