Report: Charlie Villanueva reaches non-guaranteed deal with Dallas Mavericks


He chose Dallas.

Charlie Villanueva was trying to get another NBA contract, documenting every step, after finishing a disaster of a five-year deal (well, for the time that had him, he made his $37 million) and it was down to the Clippers and Mavericks.

He chose Dallas, reports Tim MacMahon of

The key is the non-guaranteed part — Dallas can cut him without a cost. Dallas has 15 players under guaranteed contract already (teams can only carry 15), plus a couple guys such as Ivan Johnson and Eric Griffin on partially guaranteed deals.

What Villanueva can bring to Dallas is being a stretch four to play behind Dirk Nowitzki, if he finds his shot again. Villanueva has long been a streaky shooter who gives a team that, some defensive rebounding, and little else. In recent years those good shooting streaks have gotten shorter — he took 60 percent of his shots from three last season and hit 25 percent of them.

If he’s healthy and hitting shots… still, it’s going to be hard for him to make this roster. But he’s made his choice.