San Antonio Spurs top 10 plays of 2014 season (VIDEO)


Long gone are the days when the Spurs could be considered “boring” by their detractors, and in fact, the 2013-14 version played some of the most elite basketball on the offensive end of the floor that we’ve seen in quite some time.

The plays that stand out the most in this top 10 compilation exemplify that.

Number 10 features some next-level passing, and I’m guessing most of our readers wouldn’t be able to easily identify those involved in the play. That’s because San Antonio’s brand of basketball is system-based, and it doesn’t matter who’s on the floor — if guys are in their assigned spots, the ball will land in their hands.

(It was Nando de Colo making that pass, by the way.)

Number eight is fantastic not only because Tiago Splitter makes the extra pass to find Tim Duncan for the jam, but also because (as you can see on the replay) Duncan was ready for it, and expected it all along.

Number five features Manu Ginobili whipping a perfect pass along the baseline to a wide-open three-point shooter — an incredibly skilled play, but an intelligent one, too. Ginobili was double-teamed, so he knew someone was open. And again, the system allows him to know where everyone is supposed to be on the floor, making his split-second reaction almost second nature.

There are the individual highlights from Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard, too, and the complete package gives you a nice reminder of why this team finished the season as NBA champions.