Which NBA rookie most overrated his NBA 2K15 rating? (video)


NBA 2K15 will be release soon, but we already know how the game will rate a few rookies.

They just didn’t have a clue.

In one of my favorite annual traditions, NBA rookies guess their 2K ratings and mostly overrate themselves. Here are the full results:

Player Predicted Actual
Julius Randle 99 76
Aaron Gordon 76/77 74
Andrew Wiggins 80 77
Jabari Parker 79/78 78
T.J. Warren 80s 72
Marcus Smart 76 76
Doug McDermott 68 75
Zach LaVine 75-80 72
Tyler Ennis 70s 71
Kyle Anderson 70 67
James Young 73/74 68
Shabazz Napier Higher than 65 74
Elfrid Payton No less than 75 74
P.J. Hairston 70 71

Nik Stauskas also responded, but rather than predict a ranking, he gave a lengthy speech about his skills. He’s a 74.