Mavericks round out roster, re-sign Bernard James for one year


Bernard James is going to be back as the emergency big man off the bench for Dallas next season.

Dallas confirmed that James would be back for next season on Wednesday. This is a one-year deal for the league minimum, but it is fully guaranteed.

It will be his third season for James, who will turn 30 this season and had an unusual route to the NBA. Out of high he was in the air force where he rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant and his time included three tours to Iraq, Afghanistan and Qatar. After that he attended Florida State, where he played ball and was eventually drafted in the second round by the Cavaliers.

He’s not going to provide the Mavs a ton on the court — he got in just 30 games last season with a true shooting percentage of .503 and a PER of 8.5 — but he’s a big they like a lot in the locker room and on the practice court.