Andre Iguodala mocks haka, Steven Adams demands respect



Before beating New Zealand in the World Cup yesterday, Team USA looked pretty bewildered by the Kiwis’ haka. I thought the dance was cool and the Americans’ response amusing.

Andre Iguodala, an American but not a member of the World Cup team, joked he wasn’t at all impressed.

In a since deleted tweet, Steven Adams – a New Zealand native who’s also not playing in the tournament – wrote:

@andre show some respect for my culture.

I have no idea whether Adams was jokingly poking Iguodala or seriously offended. The Thunder center can be both a laid-back jokester and a havoc-inducing enforcer, and he has reason to resent Iguodala (either seriously or not).

I’m pretty confident Iguodala intended his tweet to be lighthearted, and it was unusually direct for someone whose tweets are typically extremely cryptic.

If there’s any real animosity between the two, Golden State-Oklahoma City games could get even more fun next season – if that’s possible. Last season, the Warriors won 116-15 and the Thunder won 113-112 (overtime) and 127-121 in the series.