Andray Blatche attempts self alley-oop at FIBA World Cup (VIDEO)


Andray Blatche is playing for the Philippines in the FIBA World Cup tournament for some reason, and has dominated in each of his team’s first two games.

He’s an unrestricted free agent as far as the NBA is concerned, after most recently playing for the Nets, and largely doing so competently even though there were some bumps along the way.

Blatche playing well in the Worlds will only help his value on the open market, but plays like this one will remind would-be suitors to proceed with caution.

Now, I’ve discussed this particular move with more than one player over the years, and each one has maintained that it’s legitimately the best option in certain situations. But watching it unfold, and seeing a guy attempt to split a double-team by throwing the ball off the glass to himself in live game action, it’s almost impossible to agree with that assertion.

This one from Blatche didn’t count, as he was called for traveling before he could complete the self alley-oop. But it was completely entertaining nonetheless.

[via Zach Harper of EOB]