James Harden on Kobe Bryant return: “He’s 20-year-old Kobe”


It’s one of the interesting questions heading into the 2014-15 NBA season — what Kobe Bryant are we going to see?

James Harden said he knows Kobe has been putting in the work… but we all knew Kobe would put in the work. That was never the question, it is how his body will respond. Harden thinks well.

“We talk and he’s ready. He’s 20-year-old Kobe. It’s going to be a crazy environment.”

Kobe has said that he’s had to adjust his game, that he doesn’t move the same way and his explosivness will not be the same, but that can be made up for with smart play. That’s the goal — efficiency. Bryant can do that.

He’s not going to be 20-year-old Kobe bouncing out of the gym, but if he’s close to 2012 pre-injury Kobe the Lakers would take it.

Hat tip to Lakers Nation.