Filipino national team member Andray Blatche: Laundry Philippines Heart!


Andray Blatche, who most recently played for the Nets, remains an NBA free agent.

Internationally, Blatche has been scooped up by the Philippines.

How did Blatche – who was born in New York and has no known Filipino heritage – come to represent the Philippines in the World Cup?

Rafe Bartholomew of Grantland has an in-depth look at the Blatche-Philippines relationship, including a particularly funny anecdote.

Earlier this summer, Blatche tweeted:


It was a well-intentioned gesture — if only he had used the hashtag #LabanPilipinasPuso!, which means “Fight Philippines Heart!” instead of one that roughly translated as “Laundry Philippines Heart!”

Andray being Andray.