Michael Beasley gets second Lakers workout


Michael Beasley remains unsigned, and his former team, the Heat, are happy to explain why.

But there’s still some interest in the talented forward.

The Lakers worked him out, and they were clearly intrigued. Not intrigued enough to sign him, but intrigued enough to proceed with Beasley.

Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders:

The Lakers can offer just a minimum contract – not that Beasley could command more, anyway.

The No. 2 pick just six years ago, Beasley would give the Lakers another player with name recognition. He’d also give the Lakers another player who isn’t that good. For a franchise going nowhere anytime soon, Beasley is a perfect fit.

For Beasley, the Lakers might offer an NBA salary, and that beats not an NBA salary.

It’s a match made in heaven.