Sixers rookie Joel Embiid has some comical advice for Andrew Wiggins (PHOTO)


Joel Embiid isn’t likely to play for the Sixers this season due to injury, but he’s making the most of his newly-drafted NBA status nonetheless.

Embiid has been hilarious on Twitter all summer long, at least by professional athlete standards. He recruited LeBron James in free agency then blocked him after not receiving any response. He attempted to court both Kim Kardashian and Rhianna, and was voted as the funniest rookie by his peers in the league’s annual survey.

Embiid has also seemed to take a liking to fellow rookie (and former teammate at Kansas) Andrew Wiggins.

Now that the trade that sent Wiggins to Minnesota has become official, Embiid reached out with some potentially prescient, yet comical advice.

Kobe Bryant, of course, similarly never played for the team that originally drafted him, but went on to become one of the greatest players in NBA history.

This also isn’t the first time Embiid has used Wiggins for assistance in delivering a punchline.

Things may change significantly once the season starts, of course, when rehabilitation will (or at least should) become Embiid’s primary focus — so let’s just enjoy the ride as long as it lasts.