Tweet of the Day: You can still get a Dwight Howard Lakers jersey at LAX. For $100.


Dwight Howard is still enemy No. 1 for Lakers fans. Well, to be fair maybe not all of them, he’s No. 2 on a few people’s lists. But to say the man is not loved is an understatement. To Lakers fans, nobody walks away from their team.

This tweet is from Jeff Pearlman, author of the amazing “Showtime” book that came out last year and is a must read for Lakers fans (or just basketball junkies). It’s filled with amazing stories.

Back to the tweet… There are roughly zero people walking around the city in a Dwight Howard Lakers jersey. The idea that someone would spend good money on that… well, at least they are selling it at the airport to naive tourists.

Maybe they would spend $3, because you need a target for dart throwing practice at times and the dart board can get tedious. But aside that? Good luck.