In honor of Magic Johnson’s 55th birthday, how about a highlight package? (VIDEO)


I’ll admit my bias up front — Magic Johnson is my favorite player ever.

He turned 55 today.

He played fast but he played smart, and always with flair and creativity. He broke the point guard mold at 6’9″, a height that let him see the whole court, but what he saw was different from what everyone else was seeing. He was two moves ahead. He’d bring the ball up the court, you could see his eyes get wide and you knew that second that he had already figured this sequence out in his head. It was checkmate, the defense just didn’t know it yet.

I could go on about how Magic’s contributions off the court — helping change the perceptions about HIV, his work as a businessman in Los Angeles — were more important than what he did on the court. (We’ll just ignore his work as an analyst.)

For a few minutes, just sit back and enjoy greatness.

Hat tip to wetagua for putting together that package.