Highlights of LeBron James’ homecoming event in Akron


It was impressive — 30,000 people turned out in Akron to welcome LeBron James back to Ohio and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

This felt different and lacked the backlash of the big “welcome to Miami” pep rally when LeBron and Chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade in Miami. For one, there were no brash “not three, not four, etc..” statements, there were not the same pyrotechnics (literally and figuratively). LeBron has been careful to tamp down expectations this time around (if I can win just one title for northeast Ohio…). Secondly, people love the coming home story in a way they never accepted that he and some fellow players decided to make their own destiny in a sunny, sexy location.

All is forgiven in Ohio. And it’s safe to say he’s going to bring home a title or two.