Correction: Donatas Motiejunas didn’t accuse Howard and Harden of not eating with Rockets teammates


Yesterday, I relay a reported quote from Donatas Motiejunas about Dwight Howard and James Harden. The quote was transcribed in a since-deleted tweet from Simonas Baranauskas:

D-Mo on relationships with Howard and Harden: “Hi & bye. They even eat separately from the team. Usually in some fast food place.”

After deleting the aforementioned tweet, Baranauskas tweeted:

That – hopefully correct-this-time – transcription is obviously very different, but the exact translation might be inconsequential.

Motiejunas, via Jonathan Feigen of Ultimate Rockets:

“The radio show, the guys that work there, make fun of everybody,” Motiejunas, who called from Lithuania said. “It’s a funny radio show. Everybody in Lithuania listens. They told me to try to be funny, try to make the jokes. They told me to be free. They asked some question. I joked about one thing. I joked about the other thing.

“We never have problems,” Motiejunas said. “For example, last year Dwight invited me and other players to Thanksgiving dinner. James and Dwight bought us give us gifts for Christmas. We go to eat most of the all of the time. I talked with Dwight today. I talk to Dwight all the time. He said he understands. Me and Dwight, we communicate pretty good in the locker room. I never had a problem.

I recommend not drawing any conclusions one way or another from this saga. Motiejunas was making jokes, and then he wasn’t, but part of the joking segment was accurate. The lines are far too blurred.



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