Marcus Smart gets into hijinks with other NBA rookies (video)


Marcus Smart went to the NBA rookie photo shoot with a list of tasks from ESPN, and the results were hilarious. My favorites:

  • “Make Andrew Wiggins wear another ugly coat” Another? I really hope they’re not referring to this one. That was great!
  • “Eat Snacks with Shabazz Napier” Huh? Ohhhh.
  • “Make Jabari Parker read a Boring Jabari Parker tweet” Jabari Parker has no time for your nonsense, Marcus! Seriously, Parker looked annoyed at doing anything interesting.
  • “Forge a Muggsy Bogues signature & give to Noah Vonleh” I wish I could have seen Vonleh’s face when he learned it wasn’t real.

I really wonder which tasks Smart couldn’t complete. If you can put Aaron Gordon in a onesie, what can’t you accomplish? Can anyone enhance a still of that final list CSI-style? Which lines weren’t checked?