Metta World Peace shoved two players during Venice League game in L.A. (VIDEO)


Metta World Peace has a reputation of being one of the game’s more physical players, as well as one who would never back down from a physical confrontation — infamously, of course, at one point in his career, which caused him to be suspended by the NBA for an entire season.

That was a long time ago, however visions of Ron Artest showed up at an outdoor league game over the weekend, when World Peace apparently had just about enough of the game’s physicality.

Somewhat ironically, World Peace seemed to welcome a street-ball style of play just the day before all this went down.

But at some point in this particular game, things took a turn and lines were crossed.

World Peace will continue to play, but wants to recruit some players who will have his back. So, in case you know anyone …

World Peace was waived by the Knicks in February, and is currently an unrestricted free agent.

[via For The Win]