Suns’ Alec Brown dislocates shoulder at Summer League


LAS VEGAS — It’s been pretty fortunate this year, there have been no major injuries out of Summer League. Some muscle tweaks and a few sprains, but guys are going hard (these guys are competing for their next payday) and there have been some rough spills but nothing serious.

This may have been the worst one — Suns center Alec Brown dislocated his shoulder Friday in the Suns’ loss to the Dallas Mavericks, the team confirmed.

He was in clear pain when it happened, grabbing his shoulder and going back straight to the locker room. A dislocation is something that can usually heal in a couple weeks.

Brown, a second round pick of the Suns in this draft (50th overall) is a 7’1” center known for his ability to shoot from distance — he was one of the standout shooters of any size at the NBA Draft Combine. However, he missed his first 11 shots in Las Vegas. He’s looked better since.

Brown will be in the Suns training camp and with Channing Frye gone the Suns need a floor-spacing big man. Brown wants to be that guy. This injury shouldn’t set him back from that.