Report: Heat and Cavaliers expect decision before LeBron James leaves for Sunday’s World Cup final


LeBron James, after meeting with Pat Riley in Las Vegas, is reportedly headed back to Miami.

The city, not the Heat – at least not necessarily.

Chris Broussard of ESPN and Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports have the details:

Is Dwyane Wade making a final pitch to LeBron? Are they sharing a last hurrah together?

More importantly: What will LeBron do?

If both the Cavaliers and Heat expect an answer before he leaves the country, that’s telling. I’d guess they won’t be let down on that.

However, LeBron is under no obligation to decide before heading to the World Cup. He can deliberate as long as he wants.

No matter what the teams expect, the ball is in LeBron’s court – just as it’s always been.