Report: Tom Thibodeau excited about idea of coaching Carmelo Anthony


No doubt, Tom Thibodeau is a defense-first coach — you will play hard on that end of the court or you will not play.

However, more than that he’s a basketball coach and he knows that to win you have to get buckets. His Bulls team could use more of those.

Carmelo Anthony gets buckets. A free agent as of July 1 who has opted out of his deal with the New York Knicks, Anthony has been a Bulls target for some time, Joakim Noah has been recruiting him since the All-Star Game and if Anthony is willing to take a pay cut he can walk straight onto a contender in Chicago.

Despite what some think, Thibodeau is excited to coach Anthony. That according to Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim speaking to the New York Post. Boeheim is an assistant coach on Team USA with Thibodeau and obviously knows Anthony as they won a national championship together in college.

“I’ve talked to Tom about Melo, his name has come up,’’ Boeheim told The Post. “I think Tom is very excited about the possibility of getting Carmelo. He likes him. He likes how he plays. He feels he’s coachable. I think Tom Thibodeau is one of the better coaches in the NBA. Carmelo would be happy playing for him. It would be a good fit — the coach-player relationship.’’

The interest between ‘Melo and the Bulls is mutual. The questions Anthony needs to ask himself about Chicago have nothing to do with Thibodeau and everything to do with how much he trusts Derrick Rose’s knees. Secondly, Anthony needs to decide how much being in New York and having a team built around him matters vs. joining a team with established stars.

But Thibodeau and Anthony? While it’s easy to picture Thibodeau getting frustrated with Anthony’s defense (and he will at times), those two will get along just fine.