Report: Miami Heat aggressively trying to move up in first round to draft Shabazz Napier


If the Miami Heat should take one thing away from how the LeBron James era ended in Cleveland, it’s not to let him be the general manager, too. Or, they can ask the Magic about giving up assets to get a guy your star player wants.

Back during the NCAA Tournament LeBron James tweeted how UConn’s Shabazz Napier should go in the potter because he was the best point guard in the draft.

Now, the Miami Heat are aggressively looking to move up in the first round to draft Napier, reports Chad Ford of ESPN.

Three thoughts here.

First, Napier is not the best point guard in this draft. On everybody’s draft boards Marcus Smart, Dante Exum and Elfrid Payton are ahead of him. Personally after that I lump Napier in with Tyler Ennis and Jordan Clarkson as roughly interchangeable.

Second, no doubt the Miami Heat need a point guard and I would take Napier over Norris Cole tomorrow. Napier is a good floor general and can knock down outside shots, he could step right in as the point guard off the bench for the Heat and give them minutes.

Finally, if Miami wants to move up to chase Nappier (who likely goes in the 18-23 range) then go for it, there is no shortage of picks in play (seemingly every one starting with six). But if the offer as rumored is the Heat’s No. 26 pick, Cole and the Heat’s next year’s No. 1 (very likely late in the draft) that seems a little high.

But Miami should go get the point guard its scouts and front office rate the highest, not just chase one because LeBron thinks he’s good. If those overlap, great, but remember players are notoriously poor judges of who would fit best on a team.