Andrei Kirilenko opts in to final year of contract with Nets


Andrei Kirilenko signed a contract last summer that paid him so little, opposing executives – anonymously, of course – alleged conspiracy.

See, Kirilenko is Russian and Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov is Russian. So… there must have been something nefarious happening, like Kirilenko getting paid under the table.

Because they’re Russian. Russian. Did I say Russian?

Nobody ever presented any evidence beyond that, and the complaints faded away.

They might pop up again.

Kirilenko’s 2014-15 salary – $3,326,235 to be exact – might actually match his value. So, the complaints should hopefully remain in the background this time around. (Even if Kirilenko’s perceived value in 2013 – which was, admittedly, higher than his contract – is the more accurate indicator of what he could have been paid).

He’s still a helpful contributor, especially in the Nets’ small-ball rotation. He works closer to the basket offensively and shows less explosiveness defensively now that he’s 33, but his two-way play is still an asset.

Brooklyn is, once again, fortunate to have him.