Report: Dante Exum, Marcus Smart to work out for Sixers this weekend


The Sixers have seven picks in next week’s NBA Draft, but the ones that are of the most interest fall at the three and 10 spots.

Andrew Wiggins is believed to be the player that Philadelphia has its sights set on, but short of trading up for the number one overall pick, there are too many scenarios in play for the Sixers to believe that he’ll be there when they’re actually on the clock.

And after hearing the news that Joel Embiid would need foot surgery that would likely sideline him 4-6 months, Philadelphia needs to re-evaluate things — so much so that they are having two players in for workouts that most had going firmly after that three pick that the Sixers currently possess.

Exum has a bit of a mysterious vibe given that he’s Australian and has only played overseas, but many believe his polished game and upside are worthy of a top-five selection.

Smart also appears to be a high lottery pick, though his ability to be that prototypical point guard has come into question — not that the Sixers need that, necessarily, with Michael Carter-Williams already in place.

What this speaks to more than anything is the fact that no one knows how the draft will shake out now that Embiid’s status has crated huge questions for teams wondering about his long-term durability. He may turn out to be just fine once he recovers, but the surgery will affect his draft stock — and since it’s unclear what Embiid’s situation will do to the top of the draft order, the Sixers are making the wise choice in bringing in as many top prospects as possible.