PBT Extra: Talking future for LeBron, Carmelo and Duncan


It happens every year, we don’t get to revel in the success of the champions as long as they deserve because the NBA Draft and free agency decisions fall weeks later and all attention turns to them.

And this year there are big decisions coming: Will LeBron James and/or Carmelo Anthony opt out? And will Tim Duncan retire?

The amazing Kay Adams and I take up the topics in this latest PBT Extra. Anthony will opt out and I think if he’s willing to take a pay cut to win, Chicago is the best call. Houston falls short primarily because it is in the stacked West. Tim Duncan is not going to retire.

LeBron probably will opt out, but only to help Miami. Kay asks me where he might land, and he could in theory go win a lot of places (he is the world’s best player) but none more likely than winning in Miami. Plus if he leaves again it’s another PR hit on an image he has worked hard to rebuild.