Report: Warriors want Alvin Gentry as associate head coach


Alvin Gentry coaches well enough to keep getting hired, but not well enough where the grass doesn’t seem greener on the other side.

Sometimes, it is. Usually, it isn’t.

Gentry has held three permanent NBA head-coaching positions. The Pistons fired Gentry, and his replacement (George Irvine) fared worse in overall winning percentage. The Clippers fired Gentry, and his permanent replacement (Mike Dunleavy) fared worse in overall winning percentage. The Suns fired Gentry, and his replacement (Jeff Hornacek) has done better so far.

If the Pistons and Clippers went back, they might wish they gave Gentry more time. Even the Suns, who hit a home run with Hornacek, must have had second thoughts during the 2012-13 season, when Lindsey Hunter was running the team into the ground as Gentry’s midseason replacement.

That’s why teams are – again – looking at Gentry, currently a Clippers assistant.

The Jazz, Cavaliers and Lakers reportedly have interviewed or will interview him. And if that falls through, he has another offer.

Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times:

Gentry already holds the title of associate head coach with the Clippers. What are the Warriors offering that the Clippers aren’t? Probably more money – and maybe more control.

If Gentry helps Doc Rivers win, that doesn’t say much. Everyone already knows Rivers can coach, and he’ll get most of the credit.

If Gentry helps Steve Kerr win, that would reflect well on Gentry. Not only would he earn praise for helping a first-time coach, Gentry would show his coaching versatility and ability to work well in different environments.

Obviously, Gentry would prefer to get a head-coaching job this offseason. But if he can’t, taking the Warriors job could better position him to get hired as a head coach.