Report: Suns want to trade No. 27 pick for future first rounder


The Suns have seven players – Goran Dragic (28), Gerald Green (28), Miles Plumlee (25), Markieff Morris (24), Marcus Morris (24), Alex Len (20) and Archie Goodwin (19) – who are both under 30 and on a guaranteed contract for next season.

They have two more players under 30 – Eric Bledsoe (24) and P.J. Tucker (29) – who are restricted free agents and likely to return.

Plus, they have the Nos. 14, 18, 27 and No. 50 picks in the 2014 draft.

Phoenix is running out of room for talent. That’s an enviable position, no doubt. But for those players to develop, they need minutes, and the more crowded the roster gets, the fewer minutes to go around.

That’s why a trade might be in order.

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated on the No. 27 pick:

Rival executives say Phoenix is shopping this pick, looking for a future first rounder in return.

That the Suns want to trade one of their draft picks is hardly surprising. The asking price is interesting.

The 2014 draft is strong, and the No. 27 pick could be equivalent to about the No. 22 pick in an average draft. That might convince a team – with the right protections – to trade a future pick for this one.

However, the No. 27 pick is just four from the second round – when contracts become more favorable to teams. That will hurt Phoenix’s negotiating position.

This could come down to the Suns going on the clock for the pick. Once teams know who will be available, they might be more tempted to make a deal.