Lance Stephenson had epic flop in Game 5, too


That’s Lance being Lance.

And it’s going to cost him $5,000.

The Pacers have turned the keys to their offense over to Lance Stephenson more and more this season, and with that you get good and bad Lance. He is a gifted athlete who can get in the lane and score on just about any defender (he was a big part of the Pacers Game 5 win), but he can also be selfish with the ball (he really was the second half of the season after not making the All-Star Team).

And when he gets emotionally into a game he does some odd things. Like blow in LeBron James’ ear. Or jump into a Heat huddle.

Or try to draw a foul on LeBron James with an epic flop.

It didn’t work and you can bet in the next 48 hours the league will give Stephenson another $5,000 fine for flopping. And he should just write the check and accept it, because that was about as blatant a flop as you are going to see.