Los Angeles restaurant congratulates Lakers on ‘amazing playoff run’


The Lakers’ sustained success is rather incredible. If, in any year, you say they had a pretty good season, you’d probably be right.

This year just happens to be one of the exceptions.

That didn’t stop a Los Angeles restaurant from congratulating the Lakers on an “amazing playoff run” (hat tip: Dan Devine of Ball Don’t Lie):

There are a few possibilities here.

1. The restaurant knows what happened this season and is just trolling the Lakers.

2. The restaurant confused the Lakers and Clippers, who not only made the postseason but won a series.

3. The restaurant purposefully concocted an “erroneous” ad to drum up attention. Its follow-up explanation is a little too on point: “We don’t have a lot time for twitting–or much else. Being wholly focused on food and all.”

My guess is No. 3, but that’s still a job well done.