Check out fantastic Spurs highlight video (feels like Game 2 highlight reel)


No, this is not a highlight video of the Spurs Game 2 rout of the Thunder. It just feels like it.

We often give lip service to the “you have to appreciate how the Spurs play the game” idea but it doesn’t resonate with a lot of fans. The simple fact is two crisp passes that become an open lay-up doesn’t have the drama of a contested dunk, or a fade-away three with a hand in your face — make no mistake, the lay-up is by far the better basketball play, but it’s not the dramatic one. We are drawn to drama. We are drawn to the exciting finisher at the rim and not the player who can alter or change those shots, even though the latter is of equal value.

The Spurs are the art of basketball. When the Spurs play it, basketball is the beautiful game. This video helps show that.

Embrace it. There’s a long way to go but right now they look like your next NBA champions.