John Wall: No backcourt better than the Wizards’


Who is the best backcourt in the NBA?

  • Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson usually claim the title.
  • Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili probably deserve more consideration, especially this time of year, when Parker especially raises his game.
  • Chris Paul and whomever (I guess that’s J.J. Redick now) always belong in the conversation.
  • Patrick Beverley and James Harden, depending what you think of Beverley’s defense, could be a sleeper.

John Wall wants himself and Bradley Beal to get a little love, too.

Wall and Beal both had their best year and helped the Wizards to their best season in decades. This duo is a a legit force.

Unfortunately, shooting is a pretty big part of the game – especially for a backcourt. You can’t just gloss over that. I’d take the Golden State pair just due to Curry, who’s better than anyone in Washington. He’s just a game-changing star unlike Wall or Beal, at least yet.

Wall (23) and Beal (20) are younger than Curry (26) and Thompson (24), so it’s conceivable they pass the Warriors guards. But they’re not there yet.