Miami’s 1:40 possession that sealed the game in fourth quarter (VIDEO)


Brooklyn had hung close all game, led for stretches and stayed within striking distance for the rest, until an 8-0 Miami run in the fourth gave them a cushion. Still the Nets were right there if they could just make some plays…

Then this possession happened.

When LeBron James missed from the right side Ray Allen was there to grab the offensive rebound, giving Miami a fresh 24. When LeBron missed again Dwyane Wade tapped it out top and the Heat reset again. LeBron missed a driving layup from the top of the key, but Chris Bosh got the board and passed out top and Miami ran other play for 24 seconds. This time Wade found LeBron, who had dove to the rim, got him the rock and LeBron hit the layup.

The lead was 10 and Miami had just taken 1:40 off the clock. It wasn’t a conventional dagger, but it was a dagger nonetheless.