Nick Young congratulates Roy Hibbert for shutting up Gilbert Arenas


Gilbert Arenas went hard at Roy Hibbert publicly after the Pacers center posted zero points and zero rebounds in Game 1 against the Wizards.

Hibbert responded, but Arenas has not reciprocated.

Arenas’ former Wizards teammate, Nick Young, made himself clear though.

Arenas and Young are friends, though I’m not sure Young shares Arenas’ allegiance to the Wizards. This could be a real competitive spot – another one, at least – in their relationship.

Meanwhile, Arenas has turned his attention to Lance Stephenson.

I cannot confirm whether or not that is actual Game 2 footage, but I seem to remember that play.

In less-interesting news, after his Hibbert bashing following Game 1, Tracy McGrady took the high road after Game 2.