Randy Wittman promised Wizards he’d dunk if they beat the Bulls


Under Randy Wittman’s tutelage, the young Wizards are playing beyond their years.

Because of them, the 54-year-old Wittman might have to act beneath his age.

Michael Lee of The Washington Post:

The Wizards players came through on their end of the bargain. Now, they are waiting on Coach Randy Wittman to deliver on his promise to attempt a dunk if the Wizards beat the Chicago Bulls in the first round.

“Witt got to be a man of his word,” Beal said of his coach’s planned dunk attempt. “He was supposed to do it last round. He had up until the first game to dunk. You know Witt, he needs a couple days to get stretched out. Hopefully he’ll do it. I think he can do it. Maybe.”

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Did Wittman promise to dunk or try to dunk? The difference could determine whether he will – or even can – deliver.

Even during a nine-year career that ended in 1992, Wittman was never much of a high-flyer, but he had hops.

Literally. He had hops.