Lady Gaga concert rescheduled to make room for Pacers/Wizards Game 6. Gaga fans are pissed.


The Little Monsters are on the rampage… at least on twitter.

For those who are too old or just flat out don’t care, Little Monsters is the nickname of Lady Gaga’s hardcore fans.

Tuesday the Verizon Center announced that Lady Gaga’s concert scheduled for May 15 was moved to May 12, the reason is to make way for the potential Game 6 in the building between the Washington Wizards and the Indiana Pacers. I know, as pathetic as the Pacers looked in Game 1 this may not go six, but the promotors and arena planners can’t count on that.

So they made the change, reports Ben Standig at

Understandably, some people were ticked off — people paid money, cleared out calendar days, in some cases booked flights and hotel rooms and now have to try to change it. If they can.

But some of the venting on twitter was pretty funny.

(For the record, the Wizards pack the Verizon Center more than 45 times a year between preseason, regular season and, at least this year, playoff games. They win the dollar battle.)