Reports: Raptors give coach Dwane Casey three-year extension


When a new general manager inherits an existing coach, that almost always spells trouble for the guy walking sidelines. Coaches almost never survive that.

A year ago, after the Raptors missed the playoffs, Dwane Casey looked to be one of those guys, but Raptors’ GM Masai Ujiri kept him around for one more year and gave him a chance. What we saw this year was a team that played good defense, saw players like DeMar DeRozan and Jonas Valanciunas mature on the court, we saw Kyle Lowry mature off it and into a true leader. We saw the Raptors win 48 games and be the three seed in the East. We saw some really good coaching it what was supposed to be a lame duck year.

Casey is being rewarded for that, something first reported by Doug Smith of the Toronto Star.

Multiple other sources have since confirmed this.

Casey is well respected in the coaching fraternity — he’s worked hard, spent his time as an assistant and made smart moves when he had the chance.

Whatever the Raptors become from here — this is a team and a roster still maturing and with a lot of changes in its future — Casey will be at the helm of it.