Donald Sterling no longer receiving second NAACP Lifetime Achievement Award


The NAACP’s Los Angeles chapter planned to honor Donald Sterling with a lifetime achievement award at a May 15 ceremony.

It would have been his second such honor. Sterling’s official Clippers bio:

He has received many honors, including the 2009 NAACP Lifetime Achievement Award

Unsurprisingly, the NAACP came to its senses.

Why Sterling of all people would have received the honor makes as much sense as why anyone needs two lifetime achievement awards for anything – money buys influence. Sterling’s money has gotten him far in life, even into the NAACP’s good graces.

The bounds of where Sterling’s money can take him are closing, though. He has become so toxic, Clippers sponsors feel they can make more money by distancing themselves from a team with two of the NBA’s most popular players, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul.

The NAACP changing its course is sure to be only one of many setbacks headed Sterling’s way.