Clippers cancel practice in wake of Donald Sterling controversy, Game 4 loss


More isn’t always better – especially when it comes to NBA teams practicing.

To the uninitiated, NBA teams practice surprisingly infrequently. There just isn’t time in a busy schedule, and rest is often preferred.

Perhaps due to ordinary reasons, the Clippers – who are in extraordinary circumstances due to the Donald Sterling saga – are opting for rest today.

Arash Markazi of ESPN:

The Clippers just lost by 21 in a playoff game. They hadn’t lost by 20 since a Jan. 4 loss to the Spurs. Regardless of anything else, it would make sense to take a day off and regroup.

Of course, Sterling looms over everything happening with the Clippers. Doc Rivers probably doesn’t want his players answering a ton of Sterling questions today, instead allowing them time to reflect privately and maybe even clear their heads.

Their minds might be elsewhere, though.

If the Clippers are going to win this series, Rivers must navigate uncharted waters. Cancelling practice is his best attempt to do that, but there’s no telling whether it will work.