Bradley Beal ups trash talk: He rips Chicago-style deep dish pizza


I’m putting my bias up front here: I love Chicago-style pizza. More than New York style. More than authentic Italian style. More than Wolfgang Puck’s funky creations. I like and eat them all, I have no pizza hate in me (I’ve had pizza with duck on it), but if given my choice for my last meal and a lack of concern for my arteries, I go Chicago.

That doughy, gooey delicious pizza is a Chicago birthright, one they defend like it was the Iron Throne.

The Washington Wizards’ Bradley Beal has thrown down the pizza gauntlet in this series, as reported by pizza loving J. Michael at

“I can’t eat the fat pie, whatever it’s called, the deep dish pizza,” he said before Tuesday’s shootaround going into Game 2 with the Chicago Bulls. “I can’t eat that. I had the regular thin one. I didn’t eat a lot (of the deep dish). It’ll just sit there (in your stomach) and you’ll be in the bathroom for hours.”

Them’s fightin’ words.

You know Tom Thibodeau loves deep dish, just look at him.

Chicago needed to come out ready to fight already as they dropped Game 1 to the Wizards at home. Washington with a healthy Nene is both a rare and dangerous sight and the Bulls found out why in Game 1.

And now they have the honor of deep dish pizza to defend as well.