Russell Westbrook gets two consecutive dead-ball blocked shots against Pacers (VIDEO)


This is all Kevin Garnett’s fault.

Midway through the fourth quarter Sunday in Indiana, Russell Westbrook continued his tradition of blocking his opponent’s meaningless shots that were launched after the whistle.

This is not unusual, as Westbrook does this all the time — even to opposing team’s mascots. What made this particular instance unique was the fact that Westbrook almost killed himself blocking a second attempt after already rejecting the first one.

Garnett was viewed as a [jerk] back in the day for doing this, but the practice has since gained its fair share of fans. Shooters can gain confidence by seeing their shots splash through the basket, so there’s an argument to be made not to give up freebies, and maybe to try and intimidate a little bit instead.

But twice on one possession? That’s taking things to the extreme, even by Westbrook’s standards.

[video via EOB]