Gorgui Dieng bobbles pass from Ricky Rubio before hitting game-winner to beat Rockets

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It was a wild night in Minnesota.

The Timberwolves are wrapping up a disappointing season that will leave them on the outside of the playoff picture when all is said and done, but there was plenty of excitement to go around on Friday.

Not only did fans witness an extremely rare 51-point performance from Corey Brewer, but they were treated to an entertaining game that came down to the final possession.

As the clock was winding down, Ricky Rubio lobbed a pass in to Gorgui Dieng after drawing two defenders on the screen and roll.¬†Dieng didn’t corral it immediately, but gathered it in time to launch a shot while fading away that splashed home with 4.6 seconds remaining.

James Harden brought the ball up the floor, but was stripped before he could get a final shot off.

There was no Kevin Love and no Dwight Howard in this one due to injury, and the game meant nothing in terms of the standings. But between Brewer’s scoring and Dieng’s late heroics, it was a great night to be in Minnesota.