NBA stands behind no foul on Mason Plumlee’s block of LeBron James


Mason Plumlee blocked LeBron James at the buzzer Tuesday, giving the Nets a win over the Heat.

On replays it seems Plumlee touched the ball before touching LeBron. I think. Even in slow motion, it’s difficult to tell.

LeBron certainly wanted the benefit of the doubt, but didn’t get it – and he won’t get it from the NBA in the form of an admission of a wrong call.

Adi Joseph of USA Today:

I’m all for transparency, and I guess it’s to the NBA’s credit I find Thorn’s statement unnecessary. I just assume the league will acknowledge all missed pivotal calls and anything left unacknowledged was deemed correct.

But in case you’re still arguing the controversial Plumlee-LeBron no-call, now you know the NBA’s definitive opinion.