Kent Bazemore out for season


With the Warriors, Kent Bazemore was the best end-of-bench celebrator in the NBA.

With the Lakers, he’s been a reasonable contributor, averaging averaging 13.1 points on 37 percent 3-point shooting with 1.3 steals per game.

Does the 24-year-old guard have a future playing in the league? Unfortunately, we won’t a have a good chance to assess the rest of this season.

Lakers team release:

Los Angeles Lakers guard/forward Kent Bazemore, who was injured in yesterday’s game against the Clippers, had an MRI exam this morning that showed that he has a torn peroneus longus tendon in his right foot. Bazemore will miss the remainder of the season and will undergo surgery to repair the tendon. A timetable for his return will be given at the conclusion of his surgery.

Bazemore could become a restricted free agent this offseason if the Lakers extend him a $1,115,243 qualifying offer. Otherwise, he’ll become an unrestricted free agent.

What the Lakers do with Bazemore will likely be determined by their direction as a franchise. If they acquiesce Kobe Bryant and try to win immediately, they won’t give Bazemore the qualifying offer. If they take a more patient approach, it could go either way.

Bazemore missing this final chance to impress the Lakers could bite him this summer.