Spurs’ Tony Parker has sprain in back, listed as day-to-day

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In the regular season the Spurs can keep racking up wins without Tony Parker. In the playoffs, not so much.

So this update about the health of the San Antonio point guard is good news to Spurs fans:

To answer your question, facet joints are small joints located between vertebrae (behind them) to help stabilize the vertebrae.

The Spurs play the desperate Dallas Mavericks Thursday, you can bet the Mavs will take all the help they can get.

Still, this result is good news for the Spurs.

And with them having the No. 1 seed all but locked up (they are 4.5 games ahead of the Thunder for the West, they are already guaranteed a better record than the Heat) there is no need to rush Parker back. He can be off all the way until the playoffs start and it will not matter.

With Parker the Spurs will set the bar in the playoffs — to win a title a team will need to be better than them. The Spurs are not coming back to the pack. The question is can the Thunder, Clippers or Heat clear that bar?