Rockets asking media to vote for both Dwight Howard and James Harden for league MVP


It’s not uncommon for teams to put together promotional campaigns hyping up their best players to media members for regular season awards.

It is a little odd, however, for one team to be asking that two of their players receive votes for the very same one.

The Rockets are all-in on their two All-Stars, however, and have sent promotional kits out to the media letting them know that both Dwight Howard and James Harden deserve MVP consideration.

For Howard, the team kept it simple by sticking to the Superman theme, complete with Clark Kent-style briefcase and glasses, along with the red cape featuring Howard’s logo.

As for Harden’s candidacy, the beard was an equally-easy target, so a grooming kit seemed like a fitting choice.

Neither Howard nor Harden has any real shot at the award, of course, considering that Kevin Durant is expected by most to already have it locked up, with LeBron James unquestionably being the one who will garner the most second-place votes.

It’s due diligence by the Rockets more than anything else, making sure their players know they’re appreciated enough internally to warrant the promotional effort.