Chris Bosh still has one of Pat Riley’s championship rings


When LeBron James was considering multiple teams in free agency during the summer of 2010, Heat executive Pat Riley famously threw his championship rings on the table in the ultimate show of legitimacy to close the deal.

The rings at this point are selling tools more than they are personal treasures, as evidenced by the fact that Riley was willing to give one away in order to land one of his most important free agent recruits.

From Michael Wallace of

Riley dropped a bag full of title rings on LeBron’s table in Cleveland during their 2010 meeting. He has flashed at least one of them to a few other free-agent targets over the years.

Bosh took matters a step further.

“He gave me one of his championship rings from 2006, and was like, ‘You give me that back when you come here and win yours.'” Bosh said. “So I took it. I was like, ‘Oh, man!’ Don’t tell me to take something if you don’t want me to take it. I’ve still got it, too. But I told him I’d give it back after this year.”

Bosh now has two rings of his own that he earned over the past two seasons in Miami. But the one from Riley he still possesses may mean almost as much.