PBT Extra: Stephen Curry is clutch, plus talking Spurs vs. Thunder showdown


Stephen Curry is so dangerous late in games, and that is the first thing Kay Adams and I discuss in the latest edition of PBT Extra. There are other guys on the “don’t let him take the last shot” list — Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Damian Lillard, Joe Johnson (the later two have great clutch numbers) — but Curry is firmly in that list.

After that we talk about the Mavericks/Clippers matchup Thursday, which is a game Dallas needs — they need every game in this close playoff chase.

Then we discuss the big game this Thursday, the Spurs vs. Thunder showdown. The Thunder give the Spurs real trouble but unless the Thunder get healthy and get Thabo Sefalosha and others back this game leans San Antonio. (A playoff matchup could well be another matter.)