A Goran Dragic tribute Slovenian music video? Sure, why not.


Well, you don’t see that every day.

Goran Dragic is a hero in Slovenia — at least until they learn he likely will not play for them this summer at the World Cup — and so he now has his own tribute music video. I can’t explain it, but the guys at Suns.com found it and asked Dragic about it (hat tip to Zach at Eye on Basketball).

According to Dragic, the video is from a Slovenian comedian and impersonator named Klemen Slakonja — we’re guessing is the foreign equivalent to Frank Caliendo minus the Jon Gruden impression — who has a national television show. The guard said a lot of it, including the scenes with the stone dragons, are filmed in his hometown. And, while we couldn’t get him to sing it, the Dragon told us the lyrics are satirically praising his evolution as a basketball player.

I don’t like to think that there are more Frank Caliendos in the world.

As for Slakonja’s work here…. visually it’s good. I’m a little rusty on my Slovene, so I’ll leave the lyrics up to you.