Fan hits halfcourt shot to win $77K, gets mobbed by Suns players (VIDEO)


The Suns have had this promotion at home games for several years. A fan gets to choose a shot from one of three spots on the floor to win either $777 for making a free throw, $7,777 for making a three-pointer, or $77,777 for draining a halfcourt shot.

From a pure value standpoint, if you have any basketball experience at all, it makes the most sense to try for the three-pointer — it’s a makable shot for many, and almost eight grand for doing so is no small reward.

But almost everyone would choose to try the halfcourt heave, and most never came close.

Tim Boven, however, calmly rattled it home, and after surviving the hip check from Gerald Green, was mobbed by the rest of the Suns in celebration.

It’s not uncommon for NBA players to become overjoyed when something like this happens. LeBron James, remember, tackled a fan who performed a similar feat back in 2013.

(By the way, check out the referees and their complete non-reaction at the six-second mark — how is that even possible?)